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Pet Travel Shoulder Bag

Pet Travel Shoulder Bag

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Pet Carrier Shoulder Bag
1. Constructed with heavy-duty PU, Canvas, and breathable mesh: Strong and lightweight. This pet shoulder bag offers a pleasant, ventilated shelter for your pet. 2. Adjustable drawstring: Quickly and securely gives your pet access to fresh air. 3. Safety features, including a strap buckle, a built-in hook, and Velcro closure: Keeps your pet safe and secure during journeys. The hook can be attached to your pet's collar. 4. Wide, soft-padded shoulder strap: Provides comfort for your shoulder while carrying your pet. 5. Zippered opening for convenient entry: Easily take your pet along on walks, hikes, or errands.


Package Includes:

1x Pet Carrier Shoulder Bag


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